baler-1Are you spending too much on your garbage service? Is your dumpster full of cardboard and other recyclables? Have you considered a baler?

Once baled, your recyclables have a higher market value crating a new revenue stream for your company.  More often than not, rebates from the recyclables you bale offset your baler costs completely.  Couple that with the cost savings from reducing your garbage service by getting your recyclables out of your waste stream and the affect on your bottom line can be astonishing.

At Sage, we have an inventory of both new and refurbished balers, compactors and other equipment on hand and available for rent or purchase.  Our inventory includes:

  • cardboard balers
  • shrink wrap balers
  • plastic and can balers
  • low profile balers for low ceiling applications
  • horizontal balers for the bigger jobs
  • self contained and stationary compactors
  • paper shredders
  • banding choppers

Whatever your needs, our staff will help you find the recycling equipment that is right for you.

Give us a call 1-406-546-4581 and let us do a FREE cost analysis for you.  Start saving today!